How to Make a Chocolate Halloween Ghost Castle Cake

Our Halloween Ghost Castle Cake

How to Make a Chocolate Halloween Ghost Castle CakeOur Chocolate Halloween Ghost Castle Cake is truly a very easy Halloween cake design and a great Halloween table decoration or centerpiece.  Since it is edible, this Halloween Ghost castle is perfect for any Halloween party.  Because it is a no-bake design, anyone can make it!

We wanted to design a Halloween castle cake that children could help make and have a little fun in the kitchen on Halloween.  I believe this no-bake Halloween Castle Cake is perfect for big or little hands and a lot of fun for everyone.

By using store-bought cake, cookies and candy, we created this Halloween Ghost Castle Cake.  I will share our step by step instructions to make our Halloween Ghost Castle Cake, but please feel free to deviate from our design and make your own original Halloween Castle Cake.

My son and I also designed this Halloween Ghost Train Cake and published the instructions exclusively on Cooking for the Holidays.  We had so much fun with the Ghost Train that we decided to design and create a Halloween Ghost Castle cake.  We hope you will enjoy it too.


Our Halloween Ghost Castle Cake

You won’t believe how easy, fun and hauntingly awesome it is to make our Chocolate Halloween Ghost Castle Cake.

How to Make a Chocolate Halloween Ghost Castle Cake

Ingredients Needed to Make a Chocolate Halloween Ghost Castle Cake

  • How to Make a Chocolate Halloween Ghost Castle Cake2 Packages of Chocolate Sugar Wafer Cookies
  • *2 Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Fudge Cakes
  • Chocolate Ice Cream Cones
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Oreo Cookies
  • Ghost Peeps
  • Candy Pumpkins
  • Hershey’s Candy Bar


*Note ~ Sugar Wafers are often only available in a package of 3 flavors. You will need approx. 40 Chocolate wafers

 Peeps Marshmallow GhostsCheck Price Brach’s Pumpkin Mellowcremes Fall Candy, 4.5 PoundCheck Price Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (14.3-Ounce Package)Check Price Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars, 6 ct, 9.3 ozCheck Price



Step by Step Instructions for Making a Halloween Ghost Castle

Use Chocolate Frosting to “Glue” Pieces Together

READ BEFORE YOU START:  We built our Halloween Ghost Castle on a black serving tray.  Building your Halloween Castle on a tray will allow you to lift and move the finished castle without damaging it.

Step 1:  Start with the interior of the castle.  Place one Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Fudge Cake on the tray.  Do not center it. You will need room for the front entrance of the castle.   (See photo below for placement)

Step 2:  With frosting, “Glue” sugar wafers to the front, sides and back of the cake in alternating strips to resemble bricks.  Some of the wafers will need to be cut in half to make the brick effect for the walls.

Step 3:  Place the second cake on top of the first cake.

Step 4:  “Glue” sugar wafers on the front, sides and back of the upper section, again alternating the cookies for a brick effect.

Step 5:  “Glue” quartered wafers around the top of the wall to create the roof-line battlements of the interior castle.

Step 6:  Using 18 Oreo cookies, make two side interior turrets.  (9 cookies each)   The towers will also serve as supports for the front courtyard of the castle.

Step 7:  Glue a 4 piece section of a Hershey’s candy bar to the center front of the interior castle to create the door of the castle.

Step 8:  Make the front courtyard side walls by “gluing” 3 wafers together on each side. (See photo below)

Step 9:  Make the Front wall for the courtyard by cutting 1 wafer in half for each side of the open doorway and “gluing” them together.

Step 10:  Frame the doorway by “gluing” two whole wafers together and place on top of front walls. (See photo below)


Making the Turrets and Finishing the Cake

Step 11:  Using 12 Oreo cookies, make two side exterior turrets.  (6 cookies each)  These towers will also serve as supports for the front courtyard of the castle.

Step 12:  “Glue” quartered wafers along the top of the courtyard wall to create exterior battlements.

Step 13:  Using 3 Oreo cookies, create the center tower of the castle and set it centered on the roof of the interior castle.

Step 14:  Trim wide section off 5 chocolate ice cream cones.  (See photo below)

Step 15:  Place one on each Oreo cookie tower.

Step 16:  Decorate the castle.  We chose simple decorations by using our Host Ghost in the front open doorway and Brach’s Mallowcreme candy pumpkins on the top of each turret.


Photos of Making a Chocolate Halloween Ghost Castle Cake


How to Make a Chocolate Halloween Ghost Castle Cake

 Zak! Designs MeeMe Square Serving Tray, 12.5Check PriceThe Perfect Size Tray for this Halloween Ghost Castle Cake

This is the tray we used for our Chocolate Halloween Ghost Castle Cake.
It measures 15 1/4″ x 12 1/2″ with handles which makes it the perfect size for our Halloween Ghost Castle Cake!


A few more notes about ingredients and products we used when creating our Halloween Ghost Castle Cake.

Sugar ConesKroger Color Cones were the only Chocolate Ice Cream Cones I could find at the time we designed and created our Ghost Castle Cake.

They are not currently available on Amazon.


pepperidge-farm-chocolate-fudge-layer-cakePepperidge Farm Cakes are Not Currently Available on Amazon

Check for Your Local Grocery Store for Availability


You May Also Wish to Make Our Chocolate Halloween Ghost Train Cake

How to Make a Chocolate Halloween Ghost Train Cake

The Chocolate Halloween Ghost Train Cake is another Sylvestermouse & Son original Halloween no-bake cake that you will also find right here on Cooking for the Holidays!

Halloween Ghost Train Cake Tutorial

You may even wish to pair the Halloween Ghost Castle Cake and the Halloween Ghost Train Cake together for a hauntingly fabulous edible Halloween table decoration or centerpiece

Halloween Ghost Cakes

This recipe article was originally published by me in 2012 on a different site that no longer exists.

All Photos are mine and should not be used without written permission.


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How to Make a Chocolate Halloween Ghost Castle Cake




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