Easy Bat Cake for Halloween | How to Stencil a Cake

Halloween Bat CakeDecorating a Cake with Bats is Very Easy

Bats are my favorite Halloween decoration so, of course, I have to decorate a cake with bats for Halloween.  Decorating a Bat Cake for Halloween is really very easy!

By simply using a cake stencil and sanding sugar, you too will be able to create delicious cakes that double as great Halloween decorations.

There are many Halloween cake stencils available for purchase.  We just happen to love bats!


My Halloween Bat Cake!

Bat CakeBat Cake for Halloween

Supply List for My Halloween Bat Cake

  • Baked and Frosted Cake ~ I baked a Devils Food Cake with German Chocolate Icing
  • Stencil
  • Sanding Sugar ~ Black


 CK Products 4 Ounce Black Sanding SugarCheck Price


Suggested Cake Recipes

Homemade instead of boxed!

Recipes for Devils Food Cake

Recipes for German Chocolate Frosting – Coconut Pecan Frosting Recipe


Using the Cake Stencil – Place the Stencil on the Frosted Cake

Halloween Bat Cake

Sprinkle Cake with Sanding Sugar then Slowly and Gently Lift Stencil Off of Cake

Halloween Bat Cake

Halloween Bat Cake Decorated and Ready to Eat!

Stenciled Halloween Bat Cake


The Bat Stencil

The bat cake stencil included in this package has the one large bat with a quote that warns “watchout!”.  I really like this new stencil!  One large bat would be even easier to stencil than several smaller bats.

 Martha Stewart Crafts Halloween Phrase Cake StencilsCheck Price

My cake stencil is an older stencil with the bats centrally located on the cake.  Occasionally, you can find a stencil like mine available on Ebay.

Bat Stencil for CakeThis is a photo of my cake stencils.

My set, by Martha Stewart (44-01008 or #5415), includes 4 cake stencils:  Bat, Vampire, “Eat if you Dare” and Blood Splattered.

If your can’t find a bat stencil you like, you can use cookie cutters instead!



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  1. Heather says:

    I want the bat cake! yum!

  2. Oh you are so the queen of the cakes. I would never have thought something so simple could be so very decorative. Thank you so much for your tips.

  3. I never realized that there were baking stencils available. This Bat Cake is perfect for Halloween and I can see that stencils could be used for many occasions to decorate cakes (and cupcakes!).

  4. Susan says:

    I love your choice of devil’s food cake with German chocolate cake frosting. That was one of my brother’s favorites for his birthday. The bats on that background of pecans and coconut look awesome, perfect for a Halloween dessert!

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