Chocolate Covered Pineapple Recipe

Chocolate Covered Pineapple is Fun to Make and Delicious to Eat

ChocoLate Covered Pineapple RecipePineapple is one of those fruits that is delicious in anything, with anything or just by itself.  My entire family loves pineapple so, of course, I could not resist dipping it in melted chocolate and serving it as a snack.

Chocolate Covered or Dipped Pineapple would also be great as an appetizer or as a dessert.  It is so pretty that it would be lovely on a wedding reception table, wedding or baby shower table, or served at an afternoon tea.

It is also very easy and quick to make.


Supplies and Ingredients Needed to Make Chocolate Covered Pineapple

Ingredients for chocolate pineapple

  • Pineapple ~ Sliced or Chunks ~ Canned or Fresh ~ I used canned fruit in the photos because it is fast and easy.
  • Chocolate for Melting ~ I prefer Saco Dolci Frutta featured below
  • Wax Paper

 Dolci Frutta Hard Chocolate Shell, 8 Ounce (Pack of 2)Check Price



Pineapple Chunks make an especially easy to serve appetizer or snack!

Chocolate covered pineapple chunks

Easy Directions for Chocolate Covered Pineapple

Chocolate for Melting & Dipping FruitStep 1:  Cover a cookie sheet with wax paper ~ The cookie sheet will make it easier to move your Chocolate Covered Fruit.

Step 2:  Melt Your Chocolate ~ If you use Saco Dolci Frutta, you can melt the chocolate in the microwave in their package container.  Melt the chocolate in the microwave for 2 minutes on medium and stir the chocolate until it is completely melted.  Other chocolates will need to be melted in a double boiler or a microwavable dish.

Step 3:  If you are using canned fruit, completely drain juice and gently dry pineapple.  If you are using fresh pineapple, core and slice it into pieces.

Step 4:  Dip the Pineapple in the chocolate

Step 5:  Set on wax paper to cool

Step 6:  When you have dipped all of your fruit pieces in chocolate, serve or eat.

Best if not refrigerated


Step by Step Photos ~ Chocolate Covered Pineapple Chunks

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Chocolate Covered Pineapple Chunks


Step by Step Chocolate Covered Sliced Pineapple

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Chocolate Dipped Pineapple SlicesChocolate covered Pineapple

A Few More Things

Coring and slicing a fresh pineapple can be a bit tricky. You might want to treat yourself to a corer. The featured corer below has a ratcheting grip to help your wrist.

Also, be sure and select a pretty serving tray or dish for your chocolate covered fruit. It will definitely make a lovely presentation at any party.

 OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer with Depth GuideCheck Price


This article was originally published by me in 2010 on a site that is no longer in existence.   Since the establishment of Cooking for the Holidays, I am moving all of my favorite recipes to this permanent site.

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  1. Paula Atwell says:

    Have you done this with fresh pineapple?

    • Cynthia says:

      Yes, I definitely have! I actually prefer fresh pineapple, but canned is often more convenient. There is no difference as long as the fresh pineapple is not “over ripe”. You do need a firm slice of pineapple to dip in the melted chocolate. Otherwise, just make sure you have dried each slice off with a paper towel. Any juice will prevent the chocolate from adhering to the pineapple. (You don’t need to squeeze the juice out, just make sure the surface is dry)

  2. Susan says:

    Not sure why I’ve never thought of this! Of course I love fresh pineapple and, of course, I love chocolate. Just never thought to put the two together this way. Yum!

  3. Dawn Rae says:

    This looks delicious and, more importantly, easy enough for me!!! Thank you for sharing photos with the steps.

  4. Mary Granger says:

    Wow…these look delicious!!

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